If you happen to be an Apple user, then you already might have observed something fishy about the company’s app hub. The issues started arising this morning and were first reported by users on Reddit and Twitter. The major bug being reported is with the search service of the App Store.

The issues in question seem to be very dramatic. Users are currently reporting that searching for any app (including major holders like Google, Periscope, Spotify, Tidal, Tumblr, Uber, Vine, Waze) by its name comes up with nothing. This means that the search service is unable to pull up apps by matching keywords.

This is not the only problem the App Store is facing. Searches for apps in particular genres also turn up with incorrect or incomplete results. Some developers have also reported that App Store links are also not resolving in some cases. This was the case with the developer of “Dashy Crashy.” This means the URL ‘appstore.com/dashycrashy‘ isn’t resolving and comes up with a blank web page showing only the error message “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable.”

Apparently, the issue extends to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch customers throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong and many other places since early Thursday morning. Later reports came in with pointers that the problem is also persistent with iTunes and the Mac App Store.

Apple’s status page wasn’t initially acknowledging that there were any issues with its services, but was updated at around 2 am PT to ‘yellow.’ The Cupertino giant has confirmed that it is aware of the problems and has stated that it is “investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available.”

It’s unusual for Apple’s App Store as well as iTunes and the Mac App Store to break down in such a dramatic fashion and, following this, many developers have shown their concerns about app visibility and other problems related to the App Store.

As of now, the issue is still at large. We’ll keep you updated.


The light has turned green on Apple’s status page. Major apps have returned to normalcy, though we have asked a few of our viewers and our team to look into this. Will update you once we have thoroughly gone through.

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