Winners receiving prize from ICT Minister Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak

Hackathon, derived from hack and marathon is a problem-focused computer programming event, as well as a contest to pitch, program, and present instances of prototype digital innovation.Recently 10 teams have engaged in an epic clash of cyberwarfare , National Hackathon 2016.

The event was hosted by ICT Ministry of  Bangladesh and took place at PSC Convention Hall.

The teams were assigned to come up with solutions to tackle problems on  10 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) . It is a globally recognized marathon coding event. A lot of innovative ideas and marketable coding skills were needed to break through the barriers to victory. The event was hosted for Bangladeshi nationals cordially inviting university students and professional developers. Each team consisted of upto 5 participants having an optimized team of developers,designers and idea-tors. Team leaders were in-charge of leading, managing and of any communications within the teams.

The teams were mentored by the leaders of tomorrow, the country’s best tech maestros, designers and developers to achieve their targets. The teams were judged by their coding, designing skills, their innovation and execution capabilities. All the teams performed with utmost enthusiasm to be able to show-case their skills in a national event.

A lot of dedication, sincerity and effort was invested to the competition by all the team, with the intention of one goal, to win the National Hackathon 2016.

Team Code breakers the team who won the first prize in “Marine Resource” Category presented  the app “Dishari” which is an app for the fishermen of Bangladesh. This app can pinpoint locations of all fishermen connected via the same app for collaborative teamwork. This app also provides a video feed on proper fishing techniques, information on microloans, and first aid procedures. In addition to that it works as a platform to connect local buyers and fishermen to book and order their products and support each other’s businesses. Certainly this could be a game changer in the coastal communities here.

Team Tessaract who became the first runner-up in “Sustainable Tourism “Category brought up the app “ Travelly “ This app is a platform where travelers can share their personal experiences with fellow travelers.

Team Droids securing the second runner-up in“Energy Efficient” category came up with the project “ Save natural resource and Remove Load-Shedding “  This project directs the excess energy produced from the solar panels to a substation. Estimated 17% of the power from a 500W solar panel can be transferred. This setup is forecasted to create a lot of impact.

An act of brilliance was displayed by all who participated. Mr. Arif Nezami, one of the organizer and adviser of Google Developer Group ( GDG Bangladesh) said, “This is for the very first time we have witnessed Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Drones and many innovative projects under one roof. It was very tough to evaluate almost 300 teams in this short time. Participants displayed amazing talent and we believe Bangladeshi youth is going on the right direction.”

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