With Spotify and Apple Music leading the race of Podcast service providers, Google is finally ready to reveal it’s much awaited feature for Play Music. Yes, Podcasts are finally coming to Google Play Music and we have a date as well, thanks to the leaked NPR Newsletter. It’s (probably) 18th April 2016.

NPR has officially sent out an e-mail to its members, describing the launch of it’s podcast on Play and other major services. Android Police was the first to get their hands on this news, and the message states that,

Google will launch podcasts on Android and other platforms next Monday, April 18, inside of Google Play Music, a streaming service similar to Apple Music. Please note: this information is embargoed and should not be shared or promoted externally until Monday. NPR has worked with Google to ensure that public radio is represented in the Google Play environment. Learn more about adding your station’s podcasts to this new platform.

We are not a 100 per cent sure, of what to make out of this announcement. The apprehension is largely because of the fact, that we had earlier received a similar leak in October stating the same, but were trumped by no release of the said feature. But, the team at Google has been testing and trying out the new Podcasts feature for a long time now, and maybe we’ll finally get our hands on it tomorrow.

It will be an excellent addition to an already complete and awesome application for those, who find it troublesome to switch between apps to listen to their favorite podcast. Google Play Music will finally be your one-stop destination for all your music and podcasts needs, and this is a good news — specially for droid folks like me out there — considering that iOSians had got their full suite of music service, packaged in Apple Music and droiders did not.

Let’s cross our fingers, and hope for the best!

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