Twitter owned live video-streaming service Periscope celebrated its first birthday a couple of days ago. The company on Monday announced that it has reached the 200 million broadcasts landmark.

Periscope was launched in March last year to compete with the likes of Meerkat. It was just a startup then, after which it was acquired by Twitter, and now it is one of the major things holding Twitter together. It was even backed by sports superstar, David Beckham.

After its launch, it was quickly turned into an app available for both Android and iOS. It was also made viewable over the Web and became one of the first apps to debut on the Apple TV.

The company reported that it has hosted 200 million broadcasts in the last year, half of which came just in the last three months. Another achievement of the service is that 110 years worth of live video is watched per day across Periscope’s iOS and Android apps. This is after a 91 percent increase from last August.

It’s currently impossible to compare Periscope’s statistics with those of other similar services as its competitors haven’t made their metrics public.

Over the past few months, Periscope has turned into one of the key pillars holding Twitter together. Just last month, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, elevated the head of the live streaming video service to his executive team to show how important Periscope is for the company.

Although the numbers the company released today point towards the fact that Periscope is a very popular and important service, its growth over the last couple of quarters has stagnated. Last quarter, Periscope reported 320 million monthly active users– this was the same number as the previous quarter.

The service has seen major improvements since its launch. Some of the more important and demanded features are landscape support, web profiles, the ability to skip ahead in replays, GoPro video support and viewing streams within tweets.

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