Google has rolled out new features to the Google Play Developer Console by adding the ability to keep a comprehensive track on the usage of apps. Developers can determine the response an app has received by tabulating the reviews for them.

With the new Review Highlights feature, developers can see common patterns in terms of user reviews for their apps. Google will also present the ratings received on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in the form of a chart, which will allow developers to improve the functionality of their app.

Google is going a step ahead in terms of allowing developers to get a detailed feedback on the app. Developers can now check for ratings based on the region in which the rating was made, language preferred by users, who have rated the app, device the app run’s on, the app’s version among other added features.

Millions of users rate and review your apps every day on Google Play. From feature requests to technical issues, ratings and reviews offer a wealth of information about what people like and dislike. Since 2013, you’ve been able to reply to reviews on Google Play, giving you a direct communication channel with your most engaged users. You’ve told us you value having this channel because it helps you iterate on user feedback faster on Android than other platforms. In the last few months, we’ve made a number of improvements in the Google Play Developer Console to help you better analyze and manage ratings and reviews so that you can improve your app experience and boost its rating,

stated Google in a blog post.

User review on Play Store services two purposes. One it allows other users to know the app better, before they start using it and other that it lets developers know where the app is doing good and the key areas where their app needs improvement.

Some of the changes to the review page help troubleshoot issues. The screen shows device metadata that can help identify problems related to certain hardware specs. And developers can opt-in to receive an email if a user updates their review or rating, as they may do once they see a particular issue fixed.

Fairly recently, Google had introduced a new and improved dashboard into its Developer Console. The new dashboard allows developers to see updates to the user ratings on Play Store in terms of days, weeks and months. Developers can greatly benefit from this information, as it allows them to know the kind of reactions a new update has received from the users.


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