Twitter is launching a new embedded timeline, which will be an update to its current version on March 3. The company made the announcement earlier today, following its October media event last year at the Flight developer conference, where it announced its plans of a new makeover to its timelines.

The new update — due next week —  will let timelines ergonomically fit into a publisher’s site while keeping the responsiveness intact. Twitter will also be introducing an update to Twitter polls, which will be integrated with the timeline update.

The microblogging site had earlier stated in its blog post that publishers can turn their stories more visually appealing by using tools that bring out the essence of the story and truly engages the readers. As a follow up on its statement, Twitter has finally released the new design that will help display content in organised manner by making the media rich, and responsive. This will allow publishers to tweet content in a more appealing manner.

We believe that these sites and apps are incredibly important amplifiers that show the huge reach and importance of tweets,

stated Twitter.

From March 3, any profiles, list, collections, and GIF’s can be embedded in a tweet. Users are not required to manually update the timelines as Twitter will update the timelines with the new design automatically on the launch date. Though the new design will be incorporated into the timeline, the existing sizing and customization preferences have been retained in the new timeline design.

A glimpse of the new design can be seen by adding the code to a Twitter page: <meta name=”twitter:widgets:new-embed-design” content=”on”>.

Embedded timelines which allow readers to engage in the content have been around since 2012. Embedded timelines let users personalise tweets, pictures, videos, list and the like into a third part developer applications. Twitter had stated that

When you browse websites that have embedded a Twitter timeline, you can now interact with it in the same way you do on Expand Tweets to see photos, media, and more. Start a conversation from the Tweet box, follow users that you discover, and reply to, retweet, or favourite Tweets directly from the page.

Interactive embedded tweets on the social networking platform attract close to a billion visitors each month into developers applications, added the company. The new approach to interactive tweets is the company’s latest attempt to expand Twitters reach outside the confines of its social media platform.


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