Misfit, the wearable manufacturer which recently entered India, has announced the launch of a new product called Misfit Ray at the CES, 2016 today. This marks the wearable maker’s first major product launch after its acquisition by Fossil Group.

Misfit Ray might strike to the unsuspecting as a bracelet, but the accessory is in fact an activity tracker. The wearable incorporates finely crafted design that mimics the jewels studded on a bracelet. Misfit has always added that shine to its wearables and this new device is just another product of that tradition.

The wearable has a glossy texture and appears sleek on the wrist. The body of the activity tracker is made of aluminium, which makes it pretty light and comes with leather band. The device has a LED light that informs the wearer about messages and notifications. The overall design is sleek and even the logo is at the underside of the wearable. Misfit seems to have done away with its fabled coin designs with this product. Misfit stated that after heading to users advice, the maker had decided to do away with the coin design, as many wearers felt awkward wearing two coin-faced wearables (the other being the wrist watch) that resembled each other.

Wearing Misfit Ray, users can pomp the device as a bracelet, while also keeping a track of their daily activities. Using a combination of sensors the wearable device monitors the steps, and distance covered by the wearer and determines the calories burned. The device can even keep a track of the amount of sleep you get. As for battery life, the device won’t run out until six months.

The device helps in keeping a track of a particular activity by compiling data and syncing it with your smartphone. Once the tracker on the device is tapped, it notifies through a number of flashes on the LED display about the progress of the activity. The device can also share the data with the Misfit Link app.

The company’s co-founder Sonny Vu reveals that this is not a product of their collaboration with Fossil Group. Misfit, as Vu points out began working on the product before it was acquired by Fossil last month. Now, Vu and his team are working with Fossil Group for their already established brands.

The activity tracker by Misfit is available for $99 for the rubber sport band version. It you opt for the leather band, be prepared to shell out $120.


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