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Personalized app-based investment management platform for wealth creation, Tavaga has on Wednesday announced an undisclosed seed funding from Angels through TracxnSyndicate. The Indian startup aims to democratize investing by reducing the gap between investors and investment products.

The platform brings technology, processes, advice and investment products used by professional investment funds directly into the hands of retail investors, thereby empowering customers with knowledge and transparency.

Tavaga’s funding came through via TracxnSyndicate, an Internet-first Angel Network launched by Tracxn Labs that helps promising startups raise funding from value-added angels.

Tavaga helps in bringing to you, personalised investment plans, portfolio ideas from leading professional money managers and powerful market instruments such as ETFs etc. The platform is currently in Beta and is accepting sign ups for early invites.

Co-founder Ravinath Dasika says, explaining the concept behind Tavaga,

As a finance professional, I have deep knowledge of how the markets work. But when I was looking to invest my own savings, I found a complete lack of intelligent options. Mutual Funds overcharge for a one-size-fits-allproduct. Professional portfolio managers were inaccessible for my level of investment. There was a clear gap in the industry, which led to the conception of Tavaga.

Investor Ashish Goenka talking about Tavaga says,

Tavaga is offering a valuable alternative to Mutual Funds to investors. They have a strong vision and the right team to execute it and are building a product that even I would use. It took me just thirty minutes to decide to back this all-star team.

Tavaga, according to most experts, is a valuable alternative to mutual funds as it aims to democratize and demystify the science behind long-term investing and empower customers by bringing them knowledge and transparency.

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