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Tesla rocked the world when it first launched the electric car that created a new segment of electric cars, its model-S. Then, some people took it to a drag strip and found out why it could arouse Jeremy Clakson.

Infact, it had the capability of giving goosebumps to every “Petrolhead” (including me), a taste of what the future awaits for us. We petrolheads were so impressed by its performance that we were assured our love for speed wont die with petrol. Then, Tesla came out with another blockbuster the Model-X.

Model-X was already so assuring that we couldn’t wait to see it giving the RangeRover Sport and the Porsche Cayenne turbo, a run for their money. It’s figures definitely state it means serious business. With an acceleration of 0-60mph in just 3.2 secs, we really do not care about its horsepowers and top speed figures.

It starts at $130,000(₹84,50,000) which is almost half the price of its closest rival, the Bentley’s Bentayga. Although Bentayga might be the “fastest and quickest accelerating” SUV, we don’t think it will hold on to that title for much time now, thanks to Tesla’s insane and ludicrous modes history. So, what do you think?

Does it have the strength of being the king of asphalt jungle or its just a “MODEL” purposed for rampwalks showing-off its Gull-winged\Scissor doors? I frankly, prefer both. Lets see if the company that could impress the creator of Koenigsegg with its tiny figures(as compared to a koenigsegg), can impress soccer moms and their husbands with this new beast.

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