Popular peer based torrent provider BitTorrent, has announced a new update for its Sync service that allows synchronization of files on its desktop application. The new version released of Sync brings in additional changes to it’s free as well as pro subscribers. The updated version has been made available on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

The update to Sync, launched as a beta version earlier this year, will enable downloaders to transfer large file sizes between various devices through the cloud.  The pro version of Sync has been priced at a yearly subscription fee of $39.99. Subscribers get to keep the pro features even after the completion of a year. But they are not eligible to do the same for a version 3 series.

The company has also made a clear cut distinction between personal and business users, as the latter have to subscribe to Sync without availing a free version of the product.

The update also fixes issues related to it’s previous versions with a considerable improvement in performance. BitTorrent has kept in mind the feedback received from its users while updating the product. The previous limit of transfer size of 10 files had also been taken out with the new update. Users can now transfer unlimited files between devices without having to club files into folders.

The company which largely caters to the consumer software is also looking to hook with businesses as well as venture into consumer electronic devices.


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