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The last flickering flames of the Fire Phone seems to be have finally been blow-off  by Amazon as the product gets listed as unavailable on its website. Unlike its offshoot cousin — the Amazon Fire TV, which was listed as unavailable since its successor waits in the assembly lines to roll into the market, the flames of Fire Phone as it appears will never be lit hereon.

The news comes in after the reported sacking of a dozen engineers working on the Fire Phone at California. The successor to the phone, if any, isn’t likely going to make an appearance in the market any time soon.

Amazon proudly launched the product last year with a base price of $199 . Due to the lukewarm response received by the phone, the company decided to reduce the price to $60 which didn’t help much in escalating the sales of the device.

The last remaining light from the Fire Phone is still through eBay, as the 32 GB variant of the phone continues to be up for sale on the website.

The company tried its best to revive the dwindling sales of the device, which fell to the lowest sales figure within two weeks of its grand launch. Laying off executives to offering unheard discounts, Amazon played all the cards, before stopping the production for the phone last month.

As the last remaining stocks sold out, the Amazon put up the message on the product page, stating that its unsure when the product will be available for sale. The Fire Phone, which was the company’s first smartphone product went without a fire, leaving the company considerable time to introspect the smartphone market and its competitors.


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