As promised by Microsoft earlier, the company is now starting to roll-out add-ins for Outlook 2013 and Outlook on the web for Office 365 and Exchange 2013 business users. The ones being rolled-out today, include Uber, Paypal, Evernote and Boomerang, with a few other set to roll-out in near future.

In addition to announcement of new partners, Microsoft is also expanding the preview of the new to a broader audience. The Redmond giant says it has enhanced the service based on feedback from an initial set of preview users and is hence broadening the rollout so that more users get access to these features faster.

Starting today, the Uber, PayPal, Evernote and Boomerang add-ins are available in Outlook 2013 and Outlook on the web for users with Office 365 mailboxes. The Uber, PayPal and Evernote add-ins also work for users with Exchange 2013 mailboxes. These add-ins will be available to users of the new within a month.

For Uber, you can simply set up an Uber ride reminder for any calendar event. Prior to the time of your ride, you get an Uber reminder on your phone with the destination already set.

With the new PayPal add-in, you can instantly send payments across the globe to anyone on Outlook. Starting today, the PayPal add-in is available in Outlook 2013 and Outlook on the web for users with Office 365 and Exchange 2013 mailboxes.

As for Evernote, you can use the add-in for most of app’s features. Start an email, use the add-in view to find the note you want, and click to send it on its way. You can also clip emails from Outlook to Evernote, save them into a designated notebook, and add tags for an extra level of organization. (The Evernote add-in requires Exchange IT admins to install the add-ins for those who want to use it with Exchange 2013 mailboxes.) Instructions for installing the add-ins are available on Microsoft’s site.

With the new Boomerang add-in, you can schedule a mail to be sent at a later time, or set a reminder of someone hasn’t replied to an important mail for quite some time.

Do note though, that these add-in are available only for Office 365 commercial customers, meaning business, enterprise, education and government plan customers. Office 365 Home and Personal users won’t be able to use them, but can still access the same via



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