Serena William’s timeline was the spotlight to a new set of emojis Twitter unveiled recently. These emojis, as you guessed it, are based off the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

The tennis tournament is not far away and Twitter wants tennis enthusiasts to have no sweat in sharing their excitement with the world, so it introduced many new characters as a means to push sports lovers in engaging with social media throughout the tournament.

The new mnemonics include #Wimbledon (which brings up a tennis racquet), #TheQueue, #TheHill (Henman Hill) or #TheWorld (anywhere outside SW19). The latter three let you broadcast where you’re watching from.

Twitter says it wants to create “a friendly battle of conversation” no matter the users’  location. Also, we will get more emojis as the tournament progresses.

Live events are surely one area where Twitter has an edge over other social media websites like Facebook or Instagram and Twitter will be doing its best to promote sports fans in sharing their love for the game on its vast network through these new emojis. Moreover, we recently witnessed a Buzzfeed story where Twitter has a new, events-focused Project “lightening” under the wraps. Its still under wraps though.

Custom emojis isn’t something Twitter hasn’t done before. In fact there have been a handful of events where Twitter released custom characters, the most recent being for the promotion of the latest Star Wars film The Force Awakens.

And if you happen to be an ardent cricket fan (and you possibly are if you’re newsing on our website), you might have well used custom emojis during this year’s Cricket world cup.


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