Launched for the iOS nine months ago, LinkedIn has now produced its stand alone Job Search app for Android, right from the ground up (the reason for the delay). People can search for opportunities from wherever they are, and filter it using parameters like title, location, keyword, company, industry and seniority level.

There is provision made within the app to apply for jobs, and you will be notified whenever a new opportunity comes in (or when job listings will expire), according to your customized preferences. The app description says it the best- LinkedIn Job Search gives you all the tools you need to easily find your dream job – or let it find you.

Adding to the usual is a bit of statistical finding by LinkedIn: when it comes to chosen field of work, Android users tend towards work in IT and programming, while Apple users are more inclined towards healthcare management and graphic design. The iOS interface resembles the Android one, but with differences like left and right hand navigation menus and an action bar at the top of all main pages.

Oh, and if you’re not very keen on others knowing about your movements, the app gives you  total privacy: your LinkedIn network won’t be notified.

The app launch comes after the release of LinkedIn Connect for Android (for networking), and is a part of the line-up of apps LinkedIn has- a recruitment app (Recruiter), a presentation app (SlideShare), and a news app (Pulse).


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