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Would you like the Web on your wrist? The March 9th “Spring forward” presentation at San Francisco is a ‘clear all your doubts’ event. Your questions on Apple Watch’s battery life, the price of the device, when exactly in April is the watch releasing and hitting which countries, or if there are surprise features.

Of course, there are rumors flying around in droves, so it is pertinent to look at facts, first.

The Watch will come in three separate collection series, as announced in iPhone’s unveiling last year-  Watch, Watch Sport (the least priciest of the three) and Watch Edition. Sport will be offered in an anodized aluminum case, along with specially strengthened glass  that Apple calls “Ion-X,” and will be priced around $349.

What we know for sure is that they will work only with the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and 6 Plus smartphones running the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system software, iOS 8.

The models will have choices between polished stainless steel and “space black” stainless steel for the case, along with link bracelet, leather loop, classic buckle leather strap or “fluoro-elastomer” plastic sport bands. Milanese loop (fine chain mesh) for strap options.

And oh, there are talks of hand-polished metal links and 18-karat rose gold, and those aren’t wallet friendly by a long shot. The gold is said to be engineered to be twice as hard as standard gold. You can chose between between a case size of 38 or 42mm. And the time will be kept with a 50ms accuracy. The battery is said to last the whole day, and it might require charging each night., but the thing to keep in mind is the Watch use will be in short bursts, as opposed to minutes at a time in a smartphone, for the most part.

As far as software is concerned, there are a few interesting things that are rumored to be on the Watch, one of them being the ‘Apple Pay’, which lets you tap the watch at checkout stands to pay for everything you want. Apps will be crux of the decision of the device purchse, and Apple has been working with  developers from companies including BMW, Facebook and United. The digital crown with rotation controlling zoom, and a push acting as a Home button to let you return from any app to the home screen- in- between-app navigation.

“The list of features is a mile long,” Cook said in September.

While all these options show that  Apple. Inc wants the range to offer something for everybody, covering a wide range of customers, price continues to be an issue, and something which “may” dampen Apple Watch’s prsopects in fron tof its Android counterparts.

CEO Tim Cook has his first test coming up- getting the Watch to sell. The Spring Forward event is expected to convince consumers why buying the Watch is the best idea they’ve ever had. It is estimated that Apple will hold a staggering 55% of the global smartwatch sales which is a total of nearly 28.1 million units this year. Apple has already ordered a mass production of the Watches, so it looks like they’re pretty confident that the device will be a roaring success.


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