It is a hard time to be a low-end windows phone user right now as the users are scared that history may repeat itself. Microsoft just boasted it’s windows 10 update for PCs. It’s time for the introduction of the new Windows 10 update on Microsoft phones now. But then, is it ?

Windows phone 7 devices did not get the windows 8 update, they instead got a rather touched up update called windows 7.8 that tried to act like a mirror of windows 8, but failed miserably at it. Many windows phone 8 users whose handsets aren’t even that old are afraid that they might never get a full fledged windows 10 update. They are scared that they may have to settle for a rather small update having just a bunch of the new features.

Microsoft was asked about it’s plans in November and they said,

We plan to upgrade all Windows Phone 8 devices to Windows 10 in the future :).

But this doesn’t make it official and the authority to make such decisions aren’t with a lot of personnel.

As a result, contradicting what it said earlier, certain officials said in a recent blog post,

Like any upgrade to a new platform, not every phone will upgrade or support all possible Windows 10 features.

This is obviously a heart breaking news for users with Lumia 520 with 512MB of RAM, shortly followed by the Lumia 630, Lumia 625, and Lumia 530 — all with 512MB of RAM.

It should be understood that for performing certain high end software functions your device should be up to the task too. The high end phones like the 730 and 830 should expect full features. 4K video recording is a part of the Lumia camera app. Microsoft is planning to put that feature in the stock camera app now, provided that the hardware is capable of doing so.

The updates provided also depend on the carriers and while there is a possibility that all the features might not be present in your windows phone’s official update,  you can always go for the developer preview and try all the features even before they hit the market.


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