Chromecast, Google’s insanely popular and affordable HDMI dongle that lets users to stream content from their mobile devices to TVs, will now give money too ! Yeah, thats right. 

According to reports, Google is giving out $6 in Play store credit to the chromecast owners. This is probably a way to promote buying movies and videos off the Play store and watch them using chromecast.

The offer is valid for US customers only, so it’s not possible to cash in on that gift card if you are situated outside the US. Its is easy to redeem the gift card. Go to the chromecast link , connect to the same network as your chromecast device, verify your chromecast ID and click on the redeem button to get the $6 worth of play store credit.

It’s a nice move to come ahead of chromecast’s competitors like Roku. As for countries outside the States, though we are not sure, but some Chromecast owners in the UK have reported that the offer works for them too. They are getting £5.00 (GBP) worth of play store credit.


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