Dropbox just made your life easier as it now lets you open their documents in their native apps without having to download them first.

Dropbox is known for it’s fluent online file sharing and synchronization. The service does not make a lot of changes to it’s original build but it keeps on upgrading or adding features that helps it’s users have an easier time uploading their files and accessing them.

This new feature will help users who rely heavily on Dropbox for sharing important files with their colleagues rather than just keeping a backup of their files. When you are opening a file on DropBox’s web service that is synced with your computer, there will be an option to open the file in one of your native apps like Word or Excel. You do not have to download the file to your hard drive first (even if it is irrelevant to you) and then open it in the application that pleases you.

This is not one of the biggest changes or upgrades that Dropbox is making but it does signify the level of ease that they are trying to provide us. Dropbox is making multiple moves to make itself even more relevant in its fight with bigger players like Microsoft, google or Amazon. One such move was the recent acquisition of CloudOn. 

Now if a link to a file is shared with you and the file is already synced on your device, you will not need to download and make multiple copies. You can open the file directly from the web. Dropbox will be rolling automatic updates to it’s desktop service starting today.


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