Facebook-owned Instagram has now added a vine-like video feature, wherein the videos will play on a continuous loop.

It’s obvious that Instagram is taking a page out of the Twitter owned Vine’s book this time. Videos in your feed will now continue to play without stopping, in a loop, just like they play on vine.

Besides personal opinion, it is a nice addition for the advertisers as their videos can now run repeatedly increasing their odds in every way. They do have access to the 300 million user base, which is heaven for any advertiser.

Instagram is still more popular for its photos though, but the social network probably does not want to look clinched and is trying new things which seems to be a fair practise.  There is a nice hyperlapse video app for instagram which is a try to push the 15 second video format. More and more  people are supposed to make 15 second clips of their images that is a nice feature.

The video service on Instagram is obviously not as prominent as it is supposed to be. There is an option to mute or play sounds on the videos in your feed. These are subtle changes that the social networking app is trying to make so that the millions of Instagram users pay attention to its video feature.

There will be enormous personal opinions about this addition but the reaction of its audience is what these apps seek. They want to cater features to a large user base and there should be some criticism. The choice to play sound or keep it on mute in a video is a nice addition though.


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