Google classroom, the search giant’s web-based teaching solutions provider has gone mobile. Google has started rolling out the Classroom app for iOS and Android.Google classroom, designed for the betterment of the student-teacher interfacing along with the other Google applications for education, accounts for more than 40 million teachers and students in it’s user base since it was launched almost half a year ago.

Google classroom helps teachers to schedule and collect assignments paperlessly and you can archive classes so as to stop the clogging of data.

The mobile version of the Classroom comes in handy for increasing communication between teachers and students via the Teacher Assignments Page.

Google’s trying to get the students’ attention to it’s other applications for education like Docs, Sheets and Drive through this mobile app. Another motive can be to attract more and more users to go for a Chromebook.

If they like what they see and use, maybe they’ll go for it.

The app has a feature to take snaps and then they can be added to various assignments. You can prove the completion of your assignment too, if it gets lost or you forget to bring it as it’s just a snap away.

Inclusion of photos, videos, web/ app based assignments, student- teacher interfacing are some of the initial steps that this app and service has taken. More features for both Android and iOS will be added soon. Let’s just see whether this virtual classroom initiative gets wherever Google expects it to be.



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