In a fresh turn of events, Investigators hired by Sony Corporation today termed the breach as unforeseen and an attack which is in stark contrast to typical cyber attacks, Reuters reported.

Sony had handed over the investigation of one of the biggest conglomerate hacks in history, to FireEye Inc’s Mandiant forensics unit. As per Reuters,

Kevin Mandia, the top executive at FireEye Inc’s Mandiant forensics unit, made the comments in an email to Michael Lynton, chief executive of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE).

North Korea continues to be a suspect, though Sony itself had earlier denied the involvement. A North Korean diplomat, in response to Reuters, has also denied the involvement of his country.

CEO Kevin Mandia said in his E-mail to SPE,

The scope of this attack differs from any we have responded to in the past, as its purpose was to both destroy property and release confidential information to the public.

He further added,

The bottom line is that this was an unparalleled and well planned crime, carried out by an organized group, for which neither SPE nor other companies could have been fully prepared.

These comments by Mandia are the first from an investigation point of view and have clearly highlighted the well-organised and immensely destructive nature of history’s most ruinous cyber attack on a conglomerate operating in the United States.

Earlier, the hack took an ugly turn when the hackers group, by the name of “Guardians of Peace”, sent a threat mail to Sony employees, mentioning of ‘removing Sony Pictures from Earth’.

The hack, which is unarguably the most devastating ever in the history of cyber attacks, had resulted in leak of over 47,000 social security numbers of Sony Employees. Details of Hollywood starts like Sylvestor Stallone and Rebel Wilson were also leaked.

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