This is the second time that a major research firm has confirmed that Apple is set to see first ever decline in the overall iPad sales for the year 2015. Corroborating IDC’s previous report, DigiTimes’ latest research says that iPad shipments will drop down to 55 Million units in 2015.

However, the research further says, that MacBook sales are expected to grow at a robust pace, due to Sony’s recent quit and Apple’s latest price cuts in the notebook segment.

The combined shipment for both MacBook and iPad are expected to get a 10 Million unit hit for both 2014 and 2015. As per report, the combined shipments, which stood at 90 Million units in 2013, are expected to drop down to 80 Million units in 2014 and go further down to 70 Million units in 2015.

The report further suggests that though Apple may be in line to launch a bigger, 12.9 inch iPad next year, it won’t be enough to stop its tablet shipments from scaling down.

A similar report by IDC, almost a week ago, had also said that iPad will see a major decline in shipment due to a sharp decline in overall tablet shipments. Decline in iPad sales are also being linked to the rise of numerous small, but rapidly rising local vendors, specially from China.

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