A few hours ago, Microsoft has announced that it will be offering a new X box console in all its current markets at a reduced price of $399. This new Xbox will however, not feature Kinect. It will be available from June 9th.

With the new Xbox One offering, you will continue to get access to the best blockbuster games like “Titanfall,” “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” “Forza Motorsport 5,” “Dead Rising 3,” and the upcoming “Watch Dogs,” “Destiny” and “Sunset Overdrive.” You will also be able to access popular entertainment apps, such as Twitch, YouTube, and Netflix, as well as watch live TV and use OneGuide.  Finally, you will continue to be able to use many of the unique features of Xbox One including the ability to get game invites while you watch TV, switch between games and entertainment apps, enjoy Twitch broadcasts, and upload your favorite gaming moments.

The move has also raised questions on the success of Kinect. Although Microsoft maintains that Kinect is still important to them, a new X box offering, without Kinect, tells a different story.

Clarifying their stance on Kinect’s future,

To be clear, as we introduce this new Xbox One console option, Kinect remains an important part of our vision.  Many of you are using Kinect for Xbox One every day. In fact, more than 80 percent of you are actively using Kinect, with an average of 120 voice commands per month on each console. 

Microsoft has also left an option to buy Kinect later, if the non-Kinect user ever feel the need to do so. They will also offer a standalone sensor for Xbox One later this fall. Microsoft will share more details about the standalone Kinect for Xbox One in the coming months.

Image by Flickr user Marco Verch under CC2.0 License

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