Only a month after Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney denied the news that a new Unreal Tournament is under works, the company has announced a brand new, and surprisingly free to play  Unreal Tournament version.

The news was announced by Epic Games via a YouTube video. But, according to Epic’s programmers, and especially their lead programmer, Steve Polge, not a single line of code has been written thus far.

No details regarding the compatibility, or design philosophy behind the game have been found so far, but Epic reinstates that they haven’t started the work, in order to make gaming community, a part of the development process.

The other major announcement about the game is that it will be free, and is expected to be a crowd puller, just the way free games are meant to be. As per’s Graham Templeton,

Coupled with early-access for mod developers (Epic expects to have many community-made mods available at launch), this could be a new type of “F2P” experience, one with a focus on evolution and player involvement. The only hitch might be Unreal Engine 4 itself which, while very scalable, is still high-end software that could limit the game’s total possible player-base. 

Additionally, a console version is highly unlikely just because of the fact that the game will be based more on player made mods.

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