Although a neat business website is a great way to make your online business noticeable, with a WordPress landing page you can get even more attention and promote specific offers more efficiently. WordPress landing pages have already proven to be one of the most prominent marketing tools enabling you to focus all your marketing efforts on one offer, one marketing campaign or one chosen product or service.  


The biggest advantage of landing pages is the fact that your visitors are concentrated on one action. They are neither overflowed with possibilities nor confused as they have one clear action to take (or not to take). It makes landing pages an extremely powerful tool when it comes to generating leads and engaging visitors. However, what makes precisely WordPress landing pages a good choice?

Why to create a landing page on WordPress?


Creating a landing page on WordPress is not the unique option you have. However, it is one of the best. Let me tell you what makes it a great choice.

No coding or programming knowledge needed


The most substantial benefit is the fact you don’t need any coding knowledge to create a landing page. All you have to know is how to install the WordPress plugin, check landing page templates and choose the most appropriate one and add content. Sounds doable, doesn’t it?

Minimalistic design


When it comes to landing pages usually the rule “less is better” applies. If your landing page design is minimalistic it means that visitors are less distracted and more focused specifically on the content you have put on your landing page. It also enables them to easily detect a Call-To-Action (CTA) button and subscribe. The landing page templates available on WordPress usually follow the minimalism rule what makes them effective. 

Only one action to take

Speaking of conversion and minimalism – make sure that your landing page requires from your visitors only one single action. No matter whether you are advertising a lead magnet or a specific offer of yours, you should only focus on getting one particular response. It makes it easier for you to whet appetite of your visitors, present all the benefits of your solution and convince your potential customers to sign up. 


The three above points are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to landing pages design. They should always assist you in creating a high-converting and attention-grabbing landing page of your dreams that can generate leads for your business. Therefore, the question remaining is – how to create a landing page on WordPress?

How to create a landing page on WordPress?

The process of creating a landing page on WordPress is smooth and carefree. Therefore, even if you have not done it before, you don’t need to worry. Actually, right now you are only two steps away from having a professionally crafted landing page. 

Step 1: Installing the landing page WordPress plugin 


As already mentioned, the first one is installing a landing page WordPress plugin. With the plugin you are able to choose whether you want to design your landing page in PHP (which is an option for designing websites savvies) or to create one using the most suitable landing page template. 


The WordPress plugin offers you numerous landing page templates you can choose from. It makes it almost impossible not to find the perfect one for your business. Choosing a landing page template is crucial as, even though in the next step you will be adjusting it a little bit, the core layout and pre-built elements are integral parts of it. Consequently, you should make a wise and well-thought decision. 

Step 2: Adjusting the landing page template to your business’ needs

The next step is just tailoring the landing page of your choice accordingly to the business you run. The editor is highly intuitive thanks to the “drag and drop function”. All you need to do is to choose proper elements and drag it on your landing page design. 

What is more, a landing page builder prevents you from forgetting about any necessary elements and you just have to focus on the right content you put in those elements. If you do it scrutinously you can be sure that your brand-new landing page will convert and will get noticed ;-)