In truth, Old School RuneScape is a game that has undergone many a transition after it first came to fruition on 22 February 2013. Since that fateful day, Jagex, the team responsible for the hugely popular MMORPG, have pledged their allegiance to fans.


A fact made most evident, by the vast array of updates and engine improvements. Not to mention a ton of quality of life upgrades down the years.


Besides, it’s no coincidence that Old School RuneScape has a larger player-base than its big-brother, RuneScape. And that’s no mean feat, especially considering OSCR initially launched as an August 2007 build of RuneScape.


Even so, the longevity of the game is a testament to its developer’s dedication in serving its fandom. Furthermore, by listening to fans via in-game polls, Old School RuneScape has become more refined with each season that passes.


That brings us aptly onto today’s hot topic. In recent news, Old School RuneScape took to Twitter to announce a series of updates and changes across the board: 


“Today’s update sees a wide range of changes! We’re adding buttons to the Smithing & silver crafting interfaces to improve usability. Ecumenical keys & the Tithe Farm also see updates. On top of that, more feedback changes for SotE content are included!”


More information on the recent update is available on Old School Runescape’s official blog. In truth, most, if not all the tweaks boil down to slick interface changes concerning smithing and silver crafting. And, as a result, they’re making life a whole lot easier for the player.


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For instance, each item in the silver crafting interface now has a quantity button, similar in format to the gold crafting interface. Additionally, requirement information is now much more easily discernible, with icons, borders, and numbers presented with greater clarity. Again, it’s not a massive overhaul, by any stretch. But as we all know, these subtle tweaks can enhance usability. And often work wonders.


Similarly, plants at the Tithe Farm can now be watered by the left-click of a button, which makes the action a whole lot simpler, should you have the resources to do so.


Another aspect of the update, which I’m sure will come as welcome news to many, is a rebalancing of the drop rate regarding Ecumenical Keys. From now on, Aviansies drop these keys in the Wilderness God Wars dungeon, in tune with all other creatures. The reason being that the Adamantite bar drop is now much less rare.


On top of that, the drop rate now comes fixed at 1/60. That is, regardless of the number of keys already stashed away in your inventory. Also, the stop-timer, which prevented you from picking up multiple keys within two minutes, has been lifted. So much more forgiving this time around.


What do you think of the update, overall? Does it inspire you to return to Old School RuneScape? As always, we welcome any views. So please, fire away, and make your voice heard, in the chat below.


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