There are many alternatives app stores being introduced for iOS. This is because of the limited number of apps and games in the official app store. AppValley is an alternative app installer for iOS that gives you a bunch of third-party tweaked and modded app for free. You can also get the apps from other device platforms using AppValley. It gives you the largest collection of third-party apps which makes it even more amazing and unique.

AppValley lets you download the apps safely. You can get the hacked versions of many games for free using AppValley. So, if you wish to get good quality third-party apps and expand the functions of your iOS device, then this app installer is a must-have. AppValley VIP 2.0 is designed for iOS and can be downloaded using a simple method given in this article.

Features of AppValley 2.0 on iOS

AppValley gives you the safest platform to install third-party apps and games. There are lots of apps yet to be introduced on iOS. Given below are some of the features of AppValley 2.0.

  1. There is a varying range of third-party apps and games in the database.
  2. You can install the app without jailbreaking iOS.
  3. A clean user interface that provides the apps readily.
  4. Fast and safe installation of third-party apps and games are ensured.
  5. The apps are available for free and can be accessed without sign up.

You can easily customize your iOS devices using AppValley 2.0. There are many awesome apps in here to give you the best out of your iDevice.

How to Install AppValley 2.0 on iOS

AppValley 2.0 is the latest version of the awesome app installer and gives you a huge collection of tweaked apps. Now, you can install AppValley 2.0 on iOS using the method given below.

  1. First of all, go to the Safari Browser and open this URL: Download AppValley.
  2. This is the official page of AppValley. Click on the Install button in here to download AppValley.
  3. Once it is complete, navigate to the device Settings.
  4. Open the Profile & Device Management option under the General section.
  5. Click on the AppValley profile and then tap on Trust to turn on the option.

That’s all you have to do. AppValley for iOS has been installed. You can enter the app store to find all the desired third-party apps.



  • Does the warranty get void on installing AppValley on iOS?


No, AppValley is a safe third-party app installer. There is no need to jailbreak the iOS device to get this and hence your warranty will not be void.


  • How many apps are offered by AppValley?


AppValley offers a vast inventory of third-party apps and games. This includes modded, tweaked, hacked and even paid apps for free. They can be downloaded on iOS safely.


  • Is it legal to use AppValley on iOS?


AppValley is an alternative app store for iOS. No illegal apps are provided by this app installer. Also, the security policies of the iOS system are kept while downloading third-party apps.


  • Will AppValley get revoked?


AppValley 2.0 has no errors. Apple won’t be able to revoke the certificates. Hence, you can use the app store easily.


  • Why AppValley is preferred for iOS?


AppValley is the safest source of third-party apps and games. You can install them for free and without jailbreak. The database offered is huge and unique to AppValley. 

Conclusion- AppValley 2.0 is the best alternative app installer for iOS

The features offered by AppValley are endless. It is an easy way to install tweaked and hacked apps on iOS by ensuring safety. This means that you can get them for free without voiding the device warranty. The security policies of Apple can no longer limit you. You can finally get all your desired apps and games on iOS.