PokerStars is one of the largest online casino brands in the world, hosting thousands of players on a monthly basis in their quest for online fun. But, the company is more than just one of the largest, it is also a pioneering brand that has been utilizing bleeding edge technologies in the gaming experience they offer to their users for almost a year now.

PokerStars is the only company to have been able to offer their users a VR experience, allowing them to play their favourite game of Poker while being fully immersed through the use of a VR headset. Now, the company is intending to update their VR experience a little more and bring an even more exciting experience to the users who have loved this one, so far. 

Newest tech for the best experience

There are many companies out there looking to provide a unique experience to their users. These companies are looking to introduce welcome bonus offers or new games into the realm of gaming that might be able to drive their popularity higher. PokerStars knows that old tricks will never work the same way, which is why they decided to innovate. Looking at some of the options they had, the company considered blockchain and Augmented Reality as being interesting ways to innovate. Bringing poker to an AR realm would have been a fun idea, but one without much merit, as the players would still, on the most basic level, still have the same experience as playing a phone. This is when the bright idea to introduce VR into the world of gambling came. 

Pokerstars launched its first virtual poker room in 2018, and it was considered to be quite a risky move. The development of the room cost the company a whole lot and the maintenance of servers for it was costing the company even more. But, within a year of the product’s release, the VR poker room has quickly become PokerStar’s most famous, or one of the most famous and popular products. The popularity of the product became apparent from the get-go, which is why several updates to the looks and the operation of the poker room were made. 

The company has kept up their virtual game for a long time, but now, they are considering the introduction of a new update, one that will change the game and bring it into the future. PokerStars will, in an update they will be releasing soon, be bringing their players to a space station, in order to enjoy their games. The VR headset will bring players to a galaxy space station, where they will be able to enjoy playing against other VR gamers. This update is being highly anticipated by the fans of the company and specifically of the game. The update is expected to bring a whole new level of beauty to the game and to introduce a new element to poker that has never been considered to be there before, the element of space. 

The company continues to pride themselves on one of the most popular poker-related products in the industry and is going to keep working on releasing more VR content for poker, as well as for other games at some point. Bleeding edge technology to differentiate the company from the rest has definitely worked in the favour of poker stars, which is something that should definitely be commended.