Apple has refreshed its popular MacBook Air lineup, offering a performance upgrade with the introduction of last year’s M3 chip in both 13-inch and 15-inch models. The launches are similar to how Apple launched the M2 Air. Mostly a soft launch, with no design changes, but significant under-the-hood improvements, thanks to the new M3 chip.

“MacBook Air is our most popular and loved Mac, with more customers choosing it over any other laptop. And today it gets even better with the M3 chip and new capabilities,” Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, commented on the matter. “From college students pursuing their degrees, to business users who need powerful productivity, or anyone who simply wants the unmatched combination of performance, portability, and industry-leading battery life, all in a fanless design, the new MacBook Air continues to be the world’s best thin and light laptop.”

At the heart of the new MacBook Air series lies Apple’s latest M3 chip, engineered to elevate performance to new heights while maintaining energy efficiency. With a faster CPU and GPU, users can expect improved graphics rendering and extended battery life (up to 18 hours). Apple also claims that the 13-inch M3 MacBook Air is 1.6 times faster than the 2020 M1 version. This translates to smoother multitasking, faster loading times, and enhanced responsiveness for everyday tasks. The M3 chip integrates a more advanced graphics engine, offering nearly six times faster graphics performance compared to the 2020 MacBook Air.

The M3 chip also boasts a “faster and more efficient” 16-core Neural Engine as compared to its predecessors. it enables enhanced performance – the M3 chip can run optimized AI models significantly faster, leading to smoother and more responsive experiences in applications that leverage AI functionalities, Apple noted. In a nutshell, the M3 MacBook Air series offers a significant upgrade in terms of specifications and performance. With a faster 8-core CPU, up to a 10-core GPU, and a 16-core Neural Engine, users can tackle even the most demanding tasks with ease. Moreover, competitive pricing ensures that consumers receive exceptional value for their investment, with the 13-inch model starting at $1,099 and the 15-inch variant at $1,299.

While embracing cutting-edge technology, the design of the M3 MacBook Air maintains the iconic aesthetics that have become synonymous with the Apple brand. Featuring a thin bezel screen with a camera notch cutout and a flat-edged chassis, the MacBook Air exudes sophistication and elegance. Additionally, vibrant color options add a touch of personalization, allowing users to express their individuality. And building upon its predecessor’s foundation, the M3 MacBook Air series introduces enhanced connectivity options designed to maximize productivity. Wi-Fi 6E support enables lightning-fast download speeds, ensuring users stay connected and productive wherever they are. Furthermore, the ability to connect up to two external displays simultaneously opens up new possibilities for multitasking and workflow efficiency.