It seems that we are getting the first AI-focussed wearable in the form of the long-awaited Ai Pin. In what could be a significant first start towards A.I. in consumer hardware, Humane Inc. – the brainchild of former Apple design and engineering stalwarts Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno – has officially unveiled its pioneering Ai Pin. Priced at $699 and accompanied by a $24 monthly subscription, this wearable AI communicator is set to disrupt the traditional smartphone-centric landscape with its approach to human-AI interaction.

The device, geared to be a suitable alternative for smartphones, takes advantage of the rapidly-developing AI sector to carve a niche for itself in the AI hardware field. Humane’s Ai Pin isn’t just another tech gadget, but comes in two parts – a square device and a battery pack that magnetically attaches to your clothes or other surfaces. If you get the $24 monthly subscription as well, then you will get a phone number and data coverage through T-Mobile’s network. The device is available for pre-order starting November 16, 2023, and is expected to begin shipping in early 2024, and promises to captivate tech enthusiasts, AI aficionados, and anyone intrigued by the transformative potential of AI.

“For the technology you are getting, we set a high bar for ourselves in terms of pricing it at a level we think is approachable and accessible,” Humane CEO Bongiorno said in an interview. “There will always be improvements over time in terms of driving down cost.”

The Ai Pin boldly departs from the norm of conventional smartphones and does not feature a traditional screen. Instead, it offers a screenless experience, utilizing a laser projector to display a monochrome interface directly onto the user’s hand, paving the way for a more immersive and natural interaction with technology. The Ai Pin is designed to offer users a versatile array of interaction options. Whether you prefer speaking naturally to AI, using the touchpad, employing gestures, or even holding up objects, this device can accommodate various preferences seamlessly. At the core of the Ai Pin lies the AI Mic, a sophisticated voice assistant. Drawing from cutting-edge language models, including those developed by OpenAI, users can engage in natural conversations, seek answers to their queries, or request language translations, all without relying on rigid commands or wake words.

“Today, Humane Inc fully unveils Ai Pin: the first wearable device and software platform built to harness the full power of artificial intelligence (AI). Ai Pin marks a new beginning for personal consumer technology, offering users the ability to take AI with them everywhere in an entirely new, conversational and screenless form factor. Ai Pin will be available to order in the US from November 16th, starting at $699 for the complete system,” the company wrote in its press release. It does have certain limitations, though, such as the absence of specific features like navigation and access to the user’ email.

Furthermore, the device comes with impressive camera and imaging capabilities. The Ai Pin packs a 13-megapixel camera, which not only enhances users’ photography experiences but also empowers the Ai Pin with the capability to identify food through computer vision, a feature aimed at supporting nutrition goals.

The Pin is programmed to activate solely when prompted by the user, without the need for intrusive “wake words.” To further enhance user transparency and control, a Trust Light indicator signals when sensors are active, perhaps a feature drawn from Apple-books, by ex-Apple veterans. Last but not the least, the Ai Pin operates on Humane’s bespoke operating system, known as Cosmos. Within Cosmos, an innovative AI software framework called Ai Bus takes center stage, eliminating the need for conventional app management. It intuitively connects users with the right AI experiences and services, reflecting a significant departure from app-centric interaction models.