Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is now coming to the Mac via a native app. It announced the same in an official blog post, adding that it will allow users to participate in video calls with up to eight people and audio calls with up to 32 people. The new application is designed to facilitate effortless interaction, enabling users to engage in video and audio calls, share files, and manage their chat history directly from their Mac devices.

The newly launched native macOS app by WhatsApp represents a significant step forward in redefining communication experiences for Mac users. It introduces a host of features tailored to the Mac environment, including the ability to participate in group video calls with up to eight participants and group audio calls with up to 32 individuals. This empowers users to connect seamlessly with their contacts, whether for work-related discussions, family catch-ups, or social interactions.

Meta notes that the macOS app is optimized for large displays and desktop-class experiences. Furthermore, the new macOS app also presents an improved way to engage with communication history. Users can now view more of their chat history, making it simpler to access previous conversations and important messages. This functionality is particularly beneficial for individuals who rely on WhatsApp for both personal and professional communication, ensuring that crucial information is readily accessible.

In an era where data privacy is a paramount concern, WhatsApp has made provisions for user privacy and security. The native macOS app incorporates the same end-to-end encryption that users have come to expect from WhatsApp. This encryption ensures that messages, calls, and shared files remain private and secure, with only the intended recipients having access to the content. As such, users can communicate confidently, knowing that their interactions are shielded from unauthorized access.

WhatsApp’s journey to the native macOS app was marked by thorough testing and refinement. Last year, the company initiated beta testing, inviting users with Apple Silicon devices running macOS 11 Big Sur or newer to try out the application. Following a successful testing phase, the stable version of the app has been released, and users can now download it directly from the WhatsApp website. Moreover, WhatsApp has indicated that the app will soon be available on the Mac App Store, expanding its accessibility to a wider audience.

WhatsApp notes that the new is “is redesigned to be familiar to Mac users, helping you get more done faster when using WhatsApp on a large screen.” In this vein, users can share files by easily dragging and dropping into a chat, and can view more of your chat history, the Meta-owned app said in the blog post.