In what would certainly mark the end of an era for the gaming community, tech giant Microsoft is gearing up to pull the shutters on its Xbox 360 Store and Xbox 360 Marketplace. This marks a significant change for gamers who still enjoy this iconic console, especially since the Store and the Marketplace will be closed on June 29, 2024. Dave McCarthy, Corporate Vice President, Xbox Player Services, revealed the same in an official announcement.

What does this mean for the numerous users who prefer Xbox 360 to be their gaming console of choice. In a nutshell, the impending closure means that after July 29th, 2024, Xbox 360 users won’t be able to acquire new Xbox 360 games, downloadable content (DLC), or other items from the Xbox 360 Store or the Xbox 360 Marketplace. Microsoft will also discontinue the Microsoft Movies & TV app on the Xbox 360, making TV and movie content unavailable on the console from that date.

“This November will mark 18 years since Xbox 360 launched. It was a generation-defining console that invited many to jump into gaming for the first time and connect with friends around the world,” McCarthy wrote in the announcement. “A lot has changed since the Xbox 360 launched in 2005. Technology has evolved, expectations from players have shifted, and we are focused on making Xbox Series X|S the best place to play now and in the future.”

“What has not changed is our commitment to preserving your ability to play the content you have already purchased on your preferred device, which means we are committed to supporting Xbox 360 gameplay for the foreseeable future – and you will still be able to play and re-download previously purchased content and connect with friends,” he added.

There is a bit of a silver lining in this news, though. The good news for gamers is that if you already own a library of digital Xbox 360 games, they will remain playable. You can continue to enjoy your existing collection – games and DLCs alike – without interruption. However, new game purchases, DLC acquisitions, and the ability to access the Movies & TV app will cease after the specified date – in this case, it is June 29, 2024.

Furthermore, Microsoft emphasizes that backward-compatible Xbox 360 games will still be available for purchase on newer consoles like Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and through This means that even after the Xbox 360 Store closes, players can access a wide array of backward-compatible games and expansions.

Any movies or TV shows you’ve purchased will remain accessible on Windows 10 and 11 devices, as well as on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, while the The Microsoft Movies & TV app is available on Windows devices that run Windows 10 or later, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Additionally, titles with Movies Anywhere compatibility can still be accessed on the Movies Anywhere app and website. The closure of the Xbox 360 Store won’t affect online services for the Xbox 360 console either. Players can still engage in online multiplayer gaming, and data and game transfers between Xbox 360 consoles, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S will remain possible. Microsoft assures users that they will continue to provide updates for Xbox 360 games even after the store closure.