Twitter is digging deep into the recruitment landscape, it seems. According to a report by TechCrunch and screenshots by app researcher Nima Owji, the popular micro-blogging site is gearing up to compete with leading job platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed with a new feature that enables job postings on its platform. This strategic move comes after Twitter’s acquisition of Laskie, a job-matching tech startup, in May.

In this vein, an official @TwitterHiring account has already been created (but is yet to post anything). The new feature – which is yet to be officially announced by the social media company and is called Twitter Hiring – allows organizations to post job listings on their profiles. Interestingly, some verified organisations have already posted the same under their Twitter profiles. Interested applicants, via the job listings, will be taken directly to the company’s website, where they can learn more about the position and submit an application.

With the job postings feature, Twitter aims to leverage its extensive user base and real-time engagement to create a platform for businesses to advertise job openings. By directly competing with established job platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed, Twitter seeks to become a one-stop destination for users seeking both social interaction and professional opportunities.

Furthermore, this new feature offers companies an opportunity to extend their reach and attract potential candidates. As the feature gains traction, it has the potential to enhance brand visibility and reputation for verified organizations, while placing Twitter in direct competition with industry giants like LinkedIn and Indeed, both well-established platforms with a strong foothold in the job recruitment space. LinkedIn is renowned for its professional networking capabilities, while Indeed is recognized for its vast job listings and global reach.

Of course, there is a catch. This feature seems to be accessible only to verified organizations, so other interested orgs will need to subscribe to Twitter Blue to access this feature. It is a neat and roundabout method of persuading accounts to subscriber to Twitter’s revamped subscription service – if the gambit is successful, then Twitter’s ambition to expand its offerings and diversify revenue streams will be successful.

App researcher Mina Owji spotted the feature and revealed it to others in a tweet, indicating that verified organizations can import all of their open jobs to the platform by connecting to a supported ATS or XML feed, which would allow them to add their listings to Twitter in minutes.