If you tried to access TweetDeck over the last few days, and were unable to do so, then you are not the only one. Soon, users will have to empty their pockets even more if they want to access the online tweet management dashboard. According to a post by the social media company on Monday, users will need to be verified by the platform in order to access the new version of the web app, which Twitter has started to roll out. This updated version of TweetDeck has been in preview for nearly two years.

From August 2023, Twitter will put a paywall to the access to its TweetDeck client, marking the latest measure that the company is resorting to in order to get users to subscribe to its Twitter Blue. The revamped subscription service is yet to take off in the spectacular manner that Elon Musk may have envisioned, and is yet to provide a steady stream of increased revenue to the social media company. The subscription service costs $11 per month in the US (on iOS or Android).

“We have just launched a new, improved version of TweetDeck. All users can continue to access their saved searches & workflows via https://tweetdeck.twitter.com by selecting “Try the new TweetDeck” in the bottom left menu,” read a tweet by Twitter Support on the matter. This development comes soon after several parts of TweetDeck were inaccessible owing to the new “temporary limits” put by Twitter owner Musk on the number of tweets a user can read on the platform.

This development is set to effectively cut off free users from TweetDeck, making it a Verified-only feature. Once the deadline arrives, the access will be limited to Twitter Blue subscribers, verified organizations, and individuals who have received verification from Twitter. Some of the features that will be coming to the new version of TweetDeck include full composer functionality, Spaces, video docking, and polls, and functionality for Microsoft’s Teams is “temporarily unavailable.” Until then, free and verified users alike can test the new TweetDeck. Other features include Video Docking, so that users can watch a video while performing other functions, as well as a Column Creator that Twitter claims to offer a “more intuitive way to create columns, and includes the ability to “Search Twitter” from within the column.”

From Twitter’s viewpoint, this development brings another reason why users should subscribe to Twitter Blue. This move could incentivize users to pursue verification, which in turn may drive increased revenue for Twitter. Prior to this development, TweetDeck offered a convenient and accessible tool for managing multiple Twitter accounts and monitoring real-time conversations and content. However, with the new verification requirement, a substantial number of users will be excluded from using TweetDeck, potentially affecting their ability to effectively engage with the platform.

According to Twitter, all saved searches and workflows from the old TweetDeck will be ported to the new version, so users need not fear to lose the data. Furthermore, users migrating to the new version will have an option to import their columns as well.