LinkedIn is the place to go to for building professional connections in the industry, and not only does it bring job seekers and recruiters on a common platform, it helps individuals develop the careers of their choice in a variety of ways. On Wednesday, however, none of this was relevant as thousands of users reported issues with the social networking service.

An outage at the world’s largest professional networking website impacted no less than thousands of users, and they expressed their displeasure in the only way they know how – they took to social media platforms like Twitter to inform others about the problem (of course, this includes memes). It seems that the issue was both on the LinkedIn app and website, and it kept on crashing and was not loading properly.

When such outages take place, Downdetector is the place to go to. The website tracks outages by collecting status reports from a series of sources, including Twitter, and reports submitted by users on its websites and mobile apps, and is known to provide meaningful insights into problems faced by users, such as outages. According to the website, nearly 15,000 users reported issues with the world’s largest professional networking website early in the day, most of which were concentrated on LinkedIn’s website.

61% of user reports were based on problems they faced while accessing LinkedIn’s website, while 36% of reports were related to user problems on the LinkedIn app. 3% of the total reports submitted by users pertained to issues they were facing with their profile on the platform.

The peak of the problems reported in the past 24 hours were during the 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM timeframe – the number of reports that were submitted to Downdetector reached its peak at 1,137 at 10:37 PM, before gradually decreasing. At this moment, user reports indicate that there are no current problems with LinkedIn, and the platform informed the same in a tweet.

“Pardon us. If you were having trouble viewing LinkedIn today, we’re back in action,” the tweet read.

The LinkedIn outage is the latest that users have run into in recent months. In July, Microsoft Teams was down for the count for quite some time, although it went back online later. Earlier in April, several YouTube services – such as YouTube, YouTube TV, YouTube Music, and YouTube Studio – were disrupted due to a massive outage.