Over the past few years, Apple has made privacy and security, the primary selling point for all of its hardware. And while this year at the WWDC keynote, the security part was a rather short one, a new approach to security updates is on the way for both iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, in Apple’s new Rapid Security response

Periodic security updates on iOS will now be applied on the fly, without requiring a reboot. Usually, new security patches are pushed to devices alongside a version update for iOS. With Rapid Security response, Apple has the ability to remotely update security features on devices which for whatever reason, donot have the latest version of the iOS.

This feature already seems to be available on the developer beta test version of the iOS 16, suggesting that iOS 16 will be the first version coming with this feature. The feature will also be coming to the new macOS Ventura.

“This isn’t a standard software update. These improvements can be applied automatically between normal updates — without a restart” the company said in a blog post.

Android has already adapted a similar approach, with Google Play system upgrades. These updates are independent of proper software updates. The intent is simple, once you remove the variable of depending on users to update their device themselves, proactive bug fixing becomes much faster and efficient .

There are more security and privacy updates coming to the iOS, like security check, which blocks access to data via services like FindMyIphone from potential abusers. Read up on what’s new in the iOS 16 here.