Google Youtube

You may have experienced several issues if you logged onto YouTube recently, such as seeing error messages while trying to watch videos or the unavailability of the sidebar navigation or Setting menus. If you did, then you are not the only one to face these issues, as YouTube experienced a mass outage yesterday.

Outages have been common over the past years, affecting all notable tech players such as Apple, Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. YouTube is the latest name on the list, and the issues plagued its site for several hours.

The reason behind the cropping up of the issues remains unknown.

The Downdetector outage tracker said that nearly 10,000 users had reported issues with YouTube. It started from 12 AM IST and reached its peak at 1:19 AM when 415 reports were reported on Downdetector’s site. 48% of YouTube users reported issues with the YouTube app, 42% of users ran into the issues while accessing the website, and 10% of users reported issues while streaming videos.

The company confirmed that there was an outage and that there were issues with YouTube’s services, such as YouTube, YouTube TV (its live TV platform), YouTube Music, and YouTube Studio across different devices. The issues include being unable to sign-in or switch accounts or cast to your TV (or use YouTube’s app on a gaming console).

You may have also seen that the left-hand Navigation Menus and Setting menus did not appear or load, or you were unable to access your account drop-down menu. While watching videos, you may have seen a “no internet connection message” (despite not having connectivity issues) or ran into difficulties with other YouTube Studio features.

YouTube assured the users that they were working on fixing the problem, and in its latest update announced that the issues were fixed. It took to social media platform Twitter to announce the update, saying that all was fixed.
“You should now be able to log in, switch between accounts, and use the account menu & navigation bar across all services (YouTube, YouTube TV, YouTube Music, YouTube Studio) and devices,” read YouTube’s tweet.