With faster food delivery apparently becoming the next ‘let’s-go-after-it’ tech, Zomato — which by the way announced a new 10 minute delivery service recently — is leading a $5Mn funding round in ‘Mukunda Foods’.

Founded nearly two decades ago at the start of this century, Mukunda is a kitchen robotics company, that helps automating processes for QSRs and Cloud kitchens. And knowing how Zomato is planning ‘food stations’ for its 10 minute delivery services, the investment could well mean sizeable business opportunities for Mukunda Foods.

The current round values the kitchen robotics company at $30 Million. Despite being founded in 2000, Mukunda Foods hasn’t raised much capital. The brand has previously raised funds from Ncubate Capital, Singapore Angel Network, and Indian Angel Network. So far, the brand has raised a total of around $8 Million, including the $5mn from current fundraising.

Eshwar K. Vikas, CEO, and Co-Founder, Mukunda Foods, adds, “Zomato and Mukunda Foods share the vision of reaching every restaurant and helping them grow. While Zomato does it by helping restaurants reach more customers & increasing their revenues, we help the F&B brands increase their profitability & grow fast with our kitchen technologies. This common interest will help the F&B industry greatly.”

Through its series of kitchen robotics products, the company enables restaurants to scale rapidly while maintaining consistency in food quality and customer experience across multiple outlets. Mukunda also helps restaurants become more efficient by reducing manpower costs, wastage and increasing kitchen throughput.

The company has automated the preparation of several popular cuisines like North Indian Food, South Indian Food, Chinese, fried food, pizzas, Continental & Biryani. Some of their high selling products are Wokie, a fully automated cooking station for Asian and work-based recipes, Eco-Fryer, an automatic fryer, Rico, rice, pasta and noodle-making machine, and Dosamatic, a fully automatic dosa machine.