Porsche has ambitious goals, one of which is to have a CO₂-neutral balance sheet across the entire value chain by 2030. It also wants 80% of all Porsches to be fully electric, even though last year, less than 40% of all new Porsches delivered in Europe were plug-in hybrid or fully electric. The company has been working hard to achieve these goals, as was evident in the debut of the all-electric Taycan (2019) and the Porsche Macan EV (late 2022-early 2023 for Europe and 2024 for the US).

Now, the company has taken another step down the road, and you can thank Porsche’s Mission R, which it unveiled last year, for that. For the uninitiated, it is Porsche’s dream of an all-electric EV for customer motorsports.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume confirmed that the Porsche 718 will be the first-ever two-seater electric Porsche. The sports car will go full-electric by 2025, and you can expect a hybrid version of the Porsche 911 as well, which is expected to be one of the highest performers of all the 911s.

However, we do not know when production will begin. What we do know is that the all-electric 718 will be built at Stuttgart on the same production line as the 911, and both vehicles will share some parts.

The 718 EV will come with a special configuration and an 800-volt system, according to Blume. It will be a proper sports car, of course, and have the “typical dimensions of a roadster.” It may come with both RWD and 4WD as well.

“Because of the different speeds of transformation in the different regions of the world, we have a very flexible engine strategy,” Blume said, adding, “We are going for emotional combustion engines, powerful plug-in hybrids, sporty hybrids, and also for fully electric cars.”

With the all-electric 718 and Macan in their arsenal, Porsche stands a good chance to achieve its goals and sales targets. The company also aims to develop a proprietary network of EV charging stations. These will include charging not just for the cars but for their customers as well, who can wait for the batteries to recharge at lounge-like spots and the stations.