Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Reddit needs no introduction – the front page of the internet is one of the most popular forums and is home to controversial theories and memes alike – in short, it has something for everyone. Yet, it has fallen behind other social media platforms, and to remedy this, it has been launching new features like crazy in recent times, including the ability to set timers, change recording speeds, and add voiceovers, as well as upload videos in landscape and portrait mode. Now, it is finally rolling out new features from Wednesday, and real-time features are making their debut on the “front page of the internet.”

Some of the new features that have been unveiled include animations showing the vote count going up or down in real-time, showing when other users are currently typing any comments, and how many people are reading the posts.
Starting today, they will be rolling out globally across the desktop and mobile versions of Reddit. So if you are a Reddit user, get ready for a more interactive experience!

With these features, the number of comments and votes will not remain static anymore as new votes and comments will result in dynamic animations. When people are typing, you will see an anonymous avatar count in the comment window, but not the usernames of any user. The reading indicator works similarly.

Additionally, users can see when new comments are made when new comments are posted while they are viewing a post, and once they click on the new comment indicator, the comments will sort by new comments and highlight live ones in real-time.

This will, Reddit hopes, keep users interacting with comments more often and ultimately increase engagement across Reddit. The aim is to create a better user experience and making the platform one that is engaging with rich media and real-time capabilities.