LinkedIn is somewhat of a black horse in the social media sphere, and has always stood out due to its ‘different’ offering. The platform is used by professionals around the world to build their network, find jobs, and interact with others in the business world, bringing a different spin to the social media sphere. However, due to its focus at a specific niche, LinkedIn has had trouble coming up with new features that can help entice users to join its services while making sure that it still retains the ‘professional social media’ vibe that it has been designed to have. Now, it looks like it might finally have something new.

The platform is working on ticketed events, as it looks to enhance its offering by adding more audio and video related features. The information was made public by a TC report, which claimed that it had gotten its hand on some code that pointed to LinkedIn selling tickets. Moreover, it also found a dashboard for organizing these events, allowing users to monitor how those sales are going, how much they are earning, and of course then run the events themselves.

This will allow LinkedIn to enter a new sphere that is still in its earlier stages. For years, Facebook has been trying to build up a platform for paid events, but so far, it has not had great success. Now, Twitter, powered by the new ‘Spaces‘, is also looking to tap into this very lucrative market, as it looks for alternative sources of revenue.

LinkedIn, being a platform dominated by working professionals, may have a real shot at this, since it could open up the opportunity for online seminars, mentorship sessions, and conferences.

All of this will allow the company to create an alternate source of revenue, something that almost all social media platforms are currently exploring thanks to increased scrutiny about data tracking by these companies.

The platform has been trying to build a more appealing interface for its users, having added the ‘Stories’ feature earlier this year.