Credits: Nintendo

Video game fans, and especially those who are loyal to Nintendo, sure have a reason to rejoice, as the console maker has just announced a brand new model for its Switch line of products. The new Nintendo Switch will feature a gorgeous OLED screen, which will be 7 inches in size. A wide adjustable stand and a 64 GB memory have also been promised, along with improved audio quality, and a dock supporting a wired LAN port.

The model will go on sale starting October 8th this year, and the starting price will be at $349.99.

Speaking of the screen, which undoubtedly seems like one of the best features in the new Switch, potential buyers can look forward to a total eye candy in the form of crisp and vibrant images. However, at the same time, it remains to be seen whether the visuals are backed by a NVIDIA chip or not, as has long been speculated. Another speculation that will most likely be dropped when the model finally comes out is the 4K display, since the new product listing only specifies an “HD” experience through the OLED screen.

Nevertheless, the 64 GB internal space is another feature that can give the new Nintendo Switch console an edge over its contemporaries, especially when one considers that the immediate precursor had a memory of only 32 GB. This expanded space means longer and smoother gaming, creating a win-win situation for buyers.

The adjustable stand will make it easier for players to use the model in the tabletop mode.

All this said, the battery life has not seen any important change, remaining at 9 hours, which is identical to the earlier model.

While this new model has been the talk of town among gamers for months on end, Nintendo decided to make the announcement about it only after it had first introduced its new series of games for Switch, at the recently concluded E3 event. Still, the revelation finally puts the slew of rumors and speculations to rest, by confirming that DLSS will not be a part of the new Switch. Better luck next time, 4K.

Following in the foot steps of Nintendo Switch Lite, this new console will be the first to hit stores in nearly two years. This announcement comes in just in time to blow new life into the sales of Switch products in markets across the US, where the company has already been dominating the gaming console demand for the past two years.