Android users will have access to a whole set of new features which would roll out this summer. A total of six features were announced on Tuesday, emphasizing not only security but accessibility and safety as well.

Fiona Lee, Program Manager, Android, announced in a blog post that they were constantly rolling new updates to Android users across the globe, from keeping their password safe to scheduling text messages to send at the correct time. So let us see what the new features are. “Today, we’re welcoming summer with six updates for your Android that focus on safety — so you’re protected at every turn,” the post read.

Let us see what the six features are:

Android Earthquakes Alerts:

The Android Earthquake Alerts system is Google’s priority in countries with higher earthquake risks, and it will be expanded to Turkey, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, with more countries to be added later over the coming year. Currently, it is available in Greece and New Zealand. Android users in earthquake-prone areas will receive alerts about the earthquake seconds before it actually hits, giving them time to seek safe shelter.

Starred Messages:

WhatsApp users are already familiar with this feature – starring important messages in the Messaging app will now roll out more broadly over the coming weeks. You can star a message by tapping and holding onto it, and then clicking the star when it comes. Starred messages will appear in a new Starred category which will contain all the starred messages.

Emoji Kitchen Sticker:

The Emoji Kitchen just got a new feature that will let you access all the stickers you have used recently. Available in Gboard beta from today, contextual Emoji Kitchen will be made available for all Gboard users this summer for messages written in Spanish, English, and Portuguese on devices running Android 6.0 and above.

Google Assistant:

You can now use your voice to open or search apps according to your preference. You just have to say it, and Google Assistant will do the rest.

Improved Password Input and gaze detection on Voice Access:

The Voice Access feature on Google will help you only if you are looking at the screen since gaze detection is on, It will also make it simpler to enter passwords – all you have to do is to say it while looking at the screen. This feature is currently in its beta stage and will roll out soon.

New Android Auto features:

Android Auto has become more customizable with the new updates. Users can now personalize their launcher screen directly from their phones and manually set dark mode. Additionally, it has been made easier to browse through content, with new tabs in media apps, a “back to top” option, and an A to Z button in the scroll bar. Messaging apps will now be compatible with the launch screen while features like EV charging, parking, and navigation apps are now available as well.