The eyewear industry has been revolutionized by Lenskart, which has brought an Amazon like feel to shopping for glasses. Now, the company is looking to innovate the sector even further and show the same love of technological magic to the production side, as co-founder Peyush Bansal announced the arrival of the first-ever automated eyewear manufacturing facility in India.

The eleven-year-old Lenskart, a leader in the eyewear industry with over 1,00,000 customers a month and more than 5,000 eyewear styles, has been the driving force for innovation in India’s  eyewear industry.

On Thursday, Lenskart co-founder Bansal took to LinkedIn to herald the arrival of India’s first-ever (and the largest in the world) automated eyewear manufacturing facility. It is set to serve 100 million eye sights in a year, Bansal included in his post. The new facility will also be the world’s most automated eyewear manufacturing facility.

Something like this can really help India, which alone accounts for more than half of the world’s blind population with 15 million blind people. Out of these, 75% cases are avoidable with timely aid from optometrists. However, India has only over 8,000 optometrists, which falls well short of the required 40,000, according to Lenskart. The company aims to reduce this number by providing “high-quality eyewear to millions of Indians at affordable prices, giving free eye check-ups at home, and by extending our services to the remote corners of India.”

This comes after Lenskart grew by more than 200% in the last two years owing to unprecedented surge in demand for eyewear, breaking into the top three optical businesses in the country. With the new facility set to make its entrance, it will surely provide a boost to the company’s booming business.

The company currently uses robots to prepare glasses which are accurate to three decimal places, and its automated system inspects the glasses, determines the geometric center, and loads the lenses for edging.