At its Snap Summit today, Snap Inc. has announced that its iOS arm will soon be launching a brand new video editing app, to allow users to edit videos on the go. The app will be known as ‘Story Studio’, and will carry within itself video editing tools that have specifically been designed to perform video editing on mobile phones. This means that the video format will allow users to create vertical videos, which are all the rage the days, thanks to the Stories features on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat itself, as well as other services like viral video sharing app TikTok.

The new video editing interface will be supported by Snap’s very own platform, Snapchat, as well as from the newly introduced Spotlight feature (which allows users to watch the most popular and most entertaining Snaps in, you guessed it, a spotlight). This means that users will get the best advice on what exactly to create to attract viewers, and increase engagement. This, in turn, will allow them to gain more popularity on the platform, through better edited and more interesting videos.

Snapchat Insights will also be included, so that users of Story Studio know what’s the hot topic in terms of hashtags, lenses, and sounds. Lenses will also be built into the service, allowing users to directly make use of those. The same will be true of Snapchat Sounds and the beloved stickers. Trimming and frame-by-frame editing will be made possible, so that Story Studio can compete with the likes of popular editing platforms like PowerDirector and KineMaster.

Once they are done editing their videos to suit their requirements, they will be free to share the same directly to their Snapchat page, simply by clicking a button built into the editor. They will also have the option of downloading the videos, so that they can be published on other platforms as well.

One of the best things about the service however, is that it will be completely free of watermarks. Yes, you read that right. Finally, a quality video editing app that will not add an ugly watermark to your video, so that if you decide to create a post on any other platform, like, say, TikTok, or Reels on Instagram, using your video, no one will have to know that you made use of Snap’s new app.

While the news does seem exciting, the service will, as of now, only be available on iOS, and there is no news as yet on a possible Android app.

Spotlight improvements

In related news, Spotlight just made it easier for creators to post their content, in case they edited their videos on desktop applications. The service will now allow such users to directly upload their videos through the web, on Snapchat’s website version. Viewership can be increased too, since these spotlight videos can now be viewed without being on the snapchat platform.

Additionally, the company has also announced that creators of the best Spotlight content will no longer be eligible to gain access the $1 million daily funds. Instead, the company will, starting June 1, will be spending “millions” on the funds, in a monthly manner. It has so far not revealed exactly how much it will be spending.