Twitter Snapchat integration
Credits: Twitter

Twitter introduced a new option to it’s iOS app on Thursday, which allows users to share their tweets directly on Snapchat. The move appears to be part of the social media giant’s bid to create cross-platform engagement, which will likely bring more users to its own platform.

The feature began rolling out on Thursday for iOS users, and the same option for Android users will be rolled out soon. Users can tap on the share button on a tweet, then select Snapchat from the options. This will let the users post the tweet as a sticker on Snapchat story. The sticker links back to the original tweet when its opened, creating cross-platform engagement. Users can also send tweets as individual messages.

Twitter also said that a similar integration is being tested for Instagram.

This cross-platform sharing ability is a welcome feature. Twitter users who have tried to share their tweets on Instagram or Snapchat stories understand the struggle that one has to go through to be able to do it. With the rollout of this new feature, the problem for Snapchat users is solved. But currently, the only way to share a tweet on Instagram story is to take a screenshot of the tweet, crop it and post it on the IG story manually.

If a tweet is shared using this method, people cannot really open the original tweet from the story unless the tweet is linked (an option limited to users who are either verified or have over 10,000 followers). The news that IG integration is also in the works brings a sigh of relief to the users who frequent both platforms.