Credits: iPhone Hacks

What should come as a sigh of relief for iPhone users and especially those who have updated to the latest iOS 14, Apple is going to get rid of the interference by the Shortcuts App when opening another app shortcut from the home screen. Good riddance!

The latest iOS launched earlier this year and came with some major and interesting updates and features that provided iPhone users the liberty to customize their home screen. This included the ability to add widgets onto the home screen, which is surprisingly late for the iPhones. Apple also gave a platform to the users to customize their individual home screen elements according to their aesthetic preferences, including customization of app icons and home screen widgets.

Customization of app icons quickly became a trend among the millennials as users took to social media to share their own unique app icon designs. This feature can be accessed from a particular function in Apple’s Shortcuts app. However, the Shortcuts app also posed problems as users complained of it being in the way whenever they try to open any app shortcut from the home screen.

This issue became really annoying for iPhone users and Apple and Apple was quick to notice it. Macstories’ founder Federico Viticci, was the first to spot the change, which will be brought with the launch of the new iOS 14.3 beta 2 version. This update will seek to get rid of the Shortcuts app when opening an app from the home screen.

So users can now set up alternative app icon designs without being annoyed by the Shortcuts app opening up before the actual app does. However, when you directly open an app from the home screen, a small pop-up notification from the Shortcuts App still appears on the top.