If you are trying to open the Google Play Music app and a message splashes up saying “Google Play Music is no longer available”, then you probably already know that the free music streaming service  has been shut down. Back in August this year, Google had announced that it will stop the service in a phased manner starting in September and finish it by December. Alphabet’s other streaming service, Youtube, that has launched its own paid music streaming service, has taken over all of Google Play Music’s assets. To all those free music lovers, hang in there.

Even though users cannot stream music anymore on Google Play Music, they have the option to transfer all the playlists, uploads and purchases to Youtube Music using a transfer tool that the company had released in May. Users are also allowed to download their purchased and uploaded songs.

Alphabet has been preparing Youtube Music for a while now in speculation of completely shutting down Google Play Music. It has addressed all the complaints that it received for the latter and implemented the fix in the newer Youtube Music. For example, Youtube Music will support 100,000 song uploads, 50k more than what Google Play Music offered. The playlist strength has also been increased from 1,000 tracks to 5,000 in Youtube Music.

However, what sets apart Google Play Music from Youtube Music is that it did not come looking into our pockets. The streaming service offered its services at absolutely no cost, whereas, the company has taken the subscription route for Youtube Music. Back when it was launched in 2011, Google Play Music immediately turned heads when it said it will allow users to play pirated music. That and the free streaming promise was what got so many users around the world invested in the  app.

The company has tried not to take this freedom away from the users by allowing them to transfer their Google Play Music data to Youtube Music. Each and every track that you might have owned on Google play Music, can be accessed from Youtube Music as well, for free.

Despite being focussed on its paid service, Youtube has brought several new features for the free Youtube Music users. Free Youtube Music users can now play uploaded songs using the Android Auto app. They can also download any playlist containing uploaded tracks and cast it to smart speakers.