Tinder, the world’s most popular and biggest dating app, is globally rolling out its video chat feature called Face to Face, which was earlier only available in select countries like US, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia and others. The feature is going to be opt-in only, and according to Tinder, it has been developed by its Trust and Safety team.

The company is putting emphasis on the safety of the video chat feature. After all, internet is home to all sorts of people and when people get to hide their real identities, it doesn’t take too long for things to go wrong. To minimize spam and creepy behavior as much as possible, the feature is going to remain opt-in only and only available to be used with people you’ve matched with. In other words, both parties who have matched will have to voluntarily agree to use the feature to be able to video call each other.

The feature allows the users to see each other without having to exchange private contact information. It can also serve as a form of verification: it can be used to see whether the person you have matched with looks similar to what they look like their profile pictures. That’s one way to avoid getting scammed or catfished. It is a welcome feature, especially during the pandemic when people are reluctant to go out. Now people can go on virtual dates instead, without worrying about getting infected.

Users can report others if the other person violates any rules during the video call. The app also displays rules before starting the ‘Face to Face’ call which users have to agree with. The rules are simple: keep it PG (no nudity), keep it clean (no harassment or illegal activities), and keep it age appropriate (no content involving minors).

It’s hard to find people who don’t know what Tinder is or haven’t at least heard of the dating app. If you’re one of them, then either you have been living under a rock like Patrick from SpongeBob, or you’re probably 60 or older.

The dating app was released back in 2012, and it is undeniable that it has become a huge part of the modern dating scene. Since its release, Tinder has been trying to make its app better and expand functionality to provide a richer experience. Tinder loops for example, is a relatively recent feature which allows users to have short 2 second video loops displayed on user profiles.