Carl Pei OnePlus
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The last few years have been very eventful for OnePlus, to say the least, and saw the Chinese smartphone manufacturer transition from a company struggling to add new users to a household name. The person who led this change (in collaboration with his associate Pete Lau)- Carl Pei, has decided to leave the company to start his own venture, according to TechCrunch.

The 20-something entrepreneur started the company back in 2013, with the intention of ‘changing the world.’ During his time at OnePlus, he played an instrumental role in expanding the smartphone lineup of the company–from the first OnePlus device to the latest OnePlus Nord (and the soon to be announced OnePlus 8T, probably).

Pei was also crucial to the company’s marketing, especially during the early years of its operations. In fact, he lived in low cost hotels in China and India (the company’s biggest markets) for better market research.

He has been the face of the company, holding trade conferences and  giving interviews to media houses.

While OnePlus was an under the radar company up until OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3 became a global frenzy, and saw units flying off the shelf like hot pancakes, especially in India. Ever since then, the company has been seeing major success with most of its launches, up until the latest OnePlus Nord, which is being hailed as its biggest hit to date.

Now, the OnePlus wonder kid is ready for the next big thing, and according to the report, it’s going to be his own venture. The news has not been confirmed yet, and we have no real timeline as to when the new initiative might see the light of the day.

Carl is leaving the company just before the launch of its latest and probably last launch for the year, OnePlus 8T, which is scheduled for tomorrow.